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The Hawaiʻi Positive Engagement Project (H-PEP) facilitates strengths-based learning. Our aim is to support you to be your best self so that you can support others to be their best selves.

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SPARK! Self-care and well-being conference

Saturday, February 22, 2020
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SPARK! Self-care and well-being conference

About Us


Our History

The Hawaiʻi Positive Engagement Project (H-PEP) is designed to extend the knowledge gained from our two previous projects, First Step to Success in Hawaiʻi Preschools and The Hawaiʻi Preschool Positive Engagement Project.

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Our Vision

H-PEP is passionate about connecting you to quality resources, helping you to focus on what’s going right in your spaces, encouraging genuine personal reflection & ‘aha!’ moments, & supporting the exchange of Light. Your presence, wisdom, and unique contributions to your students and keiki are honored.
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H-PEP Participant Feedback


H-PEP helped me to see the positive in everything I see. It helped me enjoy those little things that I had but wasn’t taking time to enjoy. I feel like a more positive, joyful educator. I understand that like me all families have their own problems, but there is always a way to make things better.

Focus on Self

I feel that I’ve gained confidence in myself, my spirituality, and most importantly on my teaching abilities. I started off [as] a mediocre [educator] and came out a national champion, wait…no a World Champion. I am important and deserve to treat myself with the same care and love I enjoy giving away to others.


H-PEP constantly reminded me of how important I am to this world and that’s something I really needed. I feel teachers give so much with so little in return that sometime it starts to take a toll on us, but seeing other teachers motivate one another is literally the best feeling and it came right around the times I needed it most.

Role as Educator

I learned so many strategies that helped me be a better teacher. H-PEP is such a positive and encouraging teacher PD. I feel emotionally and physically healthier this year because I have the mindfulness strategies that I learned through H-PEP into practice in my life. I have grown professionally and personally.​

Problem Solving

H-PEP helped me to expand my thinking and look for resources to help my students. I looked at resources that were out of the box and was not only fulfilled personally but helped me solve problems within my classroom.

Outlook on Life

I was able to take a moment and reflect on where I’ve been and where I am going. Additionally, how can I apply this new learning to my everyday practice. What I quickly noticed was that the days ahead looked much brighter with H-PEP in my life.

New Habits

H-PEP gave me many new skills and supported me to create habits to use them. I have an even healthier lifestyle than I did before I began. I respond and communicate to others in a way that helps foster positive interactions and relationships. I also have a lot of resources to refer to when I need to review something that I learned during H-PEP. I am working towards more personal goals and tracking my progress. I am intentional in using the skills they taught me, including breathing exercises and reducing or being ready for stress.

New Network

I was able to find more people like myself- who have stressful jobs, need a network of positive, healthy, good friends, who try hard to do the best that they can, support others, and truly understand our challenges. It is a support group…and I will continue self-care, support, and positive outlooks and internal positiveness and pass it on…​

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