Being you, speaking your truth, and sharing what you have come to know and the gifts you have with others really makes you happy and can stimulate others in a positive way. Everything I learned I will take it forward and share with others.
It was an all-around inspiring day created with thoughtfulness and care. I was on the fence about going back to school and SPARK! inspired to step out on faith and do it even if it is just for me.
You filled my cup! I was hungry for your message and was not disappointed. Loved "Trust in differences and know what yours is...then offer it to the world! Always channel that which runs between people; be joyful when performing our responsibilities...Auamo Kuleana"

First Annual SPARK! 2019

This event was made possible only through the generous donations of speakers and volunteers. H-PEP’s network came together to create SPARK! fueled by the power of our connections. 135 attendees experienced the first annual SPARK! event. It was surely a day to remember!

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