Educator Cohort with Lito Arkangel

We facilitate strengths- based good-vibes professional  development for Hawaiʻi’s early educators. We are in service to support you to be your best self so that you can support your students to be their best selves. H-PEP is passionate about connecting you to quality resources, helping you to focus on what’s going right in your spaces, encouraging genuine personal reflection & ‘aha!’ moments, & supporting the  exchange of Light. Your presence, wisdom, and unique contributions to your students are honored.

It begins with  YOU!

Experience our 10 week strengths-based professional development course in a positive, fun, and relaxed atmosphere surrounded by other passionate and like-minded educators! All cohorts are free and cover a variety of topics strategically chosen to support the special and treasured individuals who work with young children. For more information on the current cohort please email
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Completed Cohorts

Cohort 1: May 21 – July 23, 2016 Cohort 1, our first educator cohort, was an amazing experience. Participants came from a wide variety of professions, with nearly every island represented! All six in-person sessions were provided in person on ‘Oahu over the course of 10 weeks. See our wrap-up for Cohort 1 here!
Cohort 2: September  18 – November 19, 2016 Cohort 2 brought in a whole new set of educators who were introduced to a new HPEP session modality – Online! Our Cohort 2 educator ‘ohana quickly embraced the online learning platforms, and they seized the opportunity to connect and interact digitally in their Google+ Community. Read all about our wrap-up of Cohort 2 here.
Cohort 3: January 21 – April 1, 2017 Cohort 3 was a mix of both online and in person sessions.
Cohort 4: February 3 – April 14, 2018 Cohort 4 was a mix of both online and in person sessions.
Cohort 5: March 2- May 4, 2019 Cohort 5 was a mix of both online and in person sessions.

  • Participated in PD unlike anything they’ve experienced before. H-PEP PD is not only professional development, but PERSONAL development!
  • Focused on their well-being and self care. We aimed to help them to be your best self so that they may help their students to be their best selves!
  • Strengths- based. We focused on and build up your already present strengths.
  • Create connections! Met and get to know other educators, who “get it” too.
  • Personalized self- monitoring and goal setting. Ongoing coach and peer support
  • Our Educators got out of their comfort zone! They helped make the Positive Engagement Movement MOVE!

Online Sessions (Watched at their own pace weekly)

  • We will utilized Google Communities to keep in touch throughout the cohort.
  • Learning Videos Wednesdays and Saturdays weekly. Topics include Character Strengths, Self- Care, Communication, Hakalau, Gratitude, Classroom Management, and much more!

All past cohort participants are welcome to access the H-PEP resources. To gain access to the page please email:
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