Purple and blue ribbon leis and unicorn lights

TAG stands for Together, Aloha Grows! At H-PEP, we believe that one small thing can make a huge impact as the effects radiate out. We are all connected. The expression of gratitude and acts of Aloha WILL change the world, one “thank you” at a time.

  1. REGISTER YOUR LEI ONLINE. Thank you for sparking gratitude in someone! We would love to learn more about how you felt to receive this lei. Please fill out the form below, which will help us track the lei as it travels around the world.

    When you receive your Tag Lei, please fill out this form. TAG LEI FORM

    Formal consent form http://go.hawaii.edu/fqN Since we are researching where these lei end up, we got formal permission from the UH Committee on Human Services to do so.

  2. TAG, YOU’RE IT! When you receive a TAG lei, it is your invitation to put on your GRATITUDE GOGGLES and look for what is going right in your world. What are you grateful for? Who sparks gratitude in you? Choose one person– it can be a stranger who you see doing an act of kindness, a co-worker who is helpful to you, a family member who is so very amazing, or a friend who always has your back.
  3. TAKE A PIC! H-PEP loves photos, especially of happy exchanges! After all, we’re all about positive engagement. If possible, take a photo with the person you gift your TAG Lei to. Email us @ happyhpep@gmail.com and/ or upload on your socials FB and IG) and tag @happyhpep with the hashtag #happytaglei.
  4. FILL OUT FORM A SECOND TIME. We’d love to hear back from you after you gave your Tag Lei to someone! This will help us track how the lei travels from person to person, place to place!

    When you give your Tag Lei to someone else, please fill out this form again. TAG LEI FORM


  5. KEEP IN TOUCH. Check back with us to see where your TAG Lei is in the world! Map of the 100 lei coming soon. Email us at happyhpep@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Hand holding laminated tag saying TAG! You're it! Hawaii Positive Engagement Project. Sparking gratitude worldwide. In right hand corner of the tag, there is a QR code. There are blue and purple ribbon lei in the background.